Business Insurance

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Business Insurance

Do you own, manage or are you thinking about starting a new business in Florida? Seaman’s Insurance Group is Florida’s Premier Boutique Independent Insurance Agency, proudly serving the First Coast, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, St Augustine, Palm Coast, South Florida including Miami and the Florida Keys.  We are here to help you with all of your small business insurance as well as large business insurance needs.

Small Business General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Commercial Liability Insurance St

General Liability Insurance Commercial Liability Insurance Florida

Most businesses need Business Insurance including general liability insurance in order to get a license from the county to operate.  Whether you are starting a new business from scratch, buying an existing business or have been in business for a while, Seaman’s Insurance Group has access to the most competitive carriers to help you.

Whether you run a bakery, sandwich shop, restaurant or have a storefront of almost any type our family business wants to help your family business succeed and grow.  We can also help you with Business General Liability Insurance for contractors.  We have many insurance companies that specialize in Roofer Insurance, Framers Insurance, Plumbers Insurance, Carpenters Insurance, Floorers Insurance such as Tile.  We even have carriers that specialize in Pavers Insurance, Pressure Washing Insurance, Painters Insurance, Tile Installer Insurance, Housekeeper Insurance, Janitor or Janitorial Insurance and General Contractor Insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance Florida

Workers Compensation Insurance

Chances are, if you have employees or win a contract with another company, you are going to be told that you need to acquire Business Insurance including Workers Compensation Insurance.  If you have a business similar to the business types mentioned above we have access to some of the best and most competitive carriers with underwriters that understand what it is you do.  If you are looking for any of the following, please contact us today!

Roofer Workers Comp Insurance, Framers Workers Comp Insurance, Plumbers Workers Comp Insurance, Carpenters Workers Comp Insurance, Floorers Workers Comp Insurance such as Tile.  We even have carriers that specialize in Pavers Workers Comp Insurance, Pressure Workers Comp Washing Insurance, Painters Workers Comp Insurance, Tile Installer Workers Comp Insurance, Housekeeper Workers Comp Insurance, Janitor Workers Comp or Janitorial Workers CompInsurance and General Contractor Insurance.

Surety Bonds for Contractors

For the contractors needing Business Insurance and are asked to get construction bonds, bid bonds, fidelity bonds or any other type of bond, we also have access to the top Surety Companies.  We can even help with your Freight Brokerage Bonds.

Business Vehicle Insurance & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

For the small businesses that have just one vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles, Seaman’s Insurance Group wants to help you with your Business Insurance including commercial vehicle insurance needs.  We have helped start up companies with their commercial auto insurance needs as well as companies that have large fleets.

Business Owners Policies – BOPs

Among other offerings for small businesses, Seaman’s Insurance Group offers Business Owners Policies – BOPs that combine protection from major property and liability packages in one policy.  Coverages that can be included in a Business Owners Insurance Policy are Property Insurance for buildings and contents, Business Interruption Insurance,  and Liablity Insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Seaman’s Insurance Group is here to help you with your Business Insurance including Professional Liability Insurance / Errors & Omissions Insurance needs.  Whether you are a running a medical practice, law firm, real estate firm or any other profession that requires Professional Liability Insurance, we are set up to help you with your Professional Liability  Insurance needs.

Health Insurance, Dental Insurance & Disability Insurance

Medical and Dental Insurance Florida

Medical and Dental Insurance Florida

We understand that small business owners might not have access health insurance, Dental Insurance & Disability Insurance.  We also understand that if you have employees that you may want to offer benefits to them to help you keep them happy.  Seaman’s Insurance Group is proud to say that we can help you with these needs as well.  We even have a special program that allows you to help your employees take care of their cats and dogs health by providing pet health insurance plans for companies that have at least one employee (could just be the owner).  Please contact us today for all of your employee benefit insurance needs!

Cyber Risk Insurance & Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance and Cyber Risk Insurance Florida

Cyber Liability Insurance and Cyber Risk Insurance Florida

In this day and age, Cyber Insurance has become a necessity no matter what size your company is.  We are proud to be able to offer Cyber Risk Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance in order to help you protect your livelihood.


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