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Active Shooter Insurance

Active Shooter Insurance

Seaman’s Insurance Group, Florida’s Premier Boutique Independent Insurance Agency is St Augustine and Florida’s Active Shooter Insurance specialists.  If you are in need of active shooter insurance we are here to help.  The owner of Seaman’s Insurance Group.  We are eager to use his Knowledge and Experience to help you with all of your Active Shooter Insurance needs Bond needs!   Seaman’s Insurance Group is your one stop shop for all of your insurance and surety bond needs anywhere in Florida and beyond.

Active Shooter Insurance is a fundamental part of any organization’s insurance and risk management portfolio

There seems to be regular news stories regarding violent incidents that occur at schools, houses of worship, businesses, and more from across the entire country.  The unfortunate reality is that the number of incidents are increasing and the weapons used are no longer limited to just firearms.  The Deadly Weapon Protection Program that was at one point referred to as an Active Shooter policy has a broader definition of “weapon”.

Under this new definition in the policy, “weapon” now includes any portable or handheld device, instrument, substance or road vehicle which is used by assailant(s) in a manner to deliberately cause death or bodily injury.  Weapons included in this are explosive devices, knives, medical instruments and corrosive substances, in addition to firearms.

Deadly Weapon Insurance Deadly Weapon Protection Program

The Deadly Weapon Protection Program or Deadly Weapon Insurance provides additional liability and business interruption protection.  The Active Shooter, Deadly Weapon Insurance program focuses on: Prevention Services (pre and post event), Crisis Management Services and Insurance cover to indemnify losses.

Examples of businesses that are highly vulnerable to an active shooter and eligible for Deadly Weapon Protection coverage are healthcare facilities, educational institutions, religious houses of worship, entertainment venues and events, retail, governmental and municipal facilities and parks, and Industrial and commercial locations.

The Active Shooter / Deadly Weapon Protection Program coverage provides primary liability coverage with limits up to $30 million, on-site risk or online assessment for insured locations, crisis management services, post event counseling services, funeral arrangements, demolition, clearance and memorialization.  Policies are issued by an insurer rated “A” by A.M. Best.

With the increased publicity of recent school shootings, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Program is intended to make sure every organization has proper coverage for these unfortunate active shooter/ deadly weapon incidents. Many organizational leaders think they’re already covered for a tragic event like what we are seeing more and more frequently on the news.  Their other insurance policies do not provide them with the coverage that they need for this type of event. School and organization leaders often find their general liability policies fall short of the cascade of bills and victims’ needs typically following a violent incident.

Active Shooter Insurance for churches

Active Shooter Insurance

This Deadly Weapon Protection Program / Active Shooter Insurance /Workplace Violence Insurance covers the liability and extra expenses tied to shootings, providing up to $250,000 in victim death benefits with additional medical expense benefits. The program considers all classes of business, including but not limited to government agencies, education, religious institutions, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and public entities. This Active Shooter insurance policy also covers a wide range of attack-types, such as knife and vehicular attacks, not just solely deadly attacks committed with a firearm.

Active shooter risk is an unfortunate necessity in modern America and around the world. In the first 11 months of 2018, the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) reported 51,895 incidents of gun violence in the US, resulting in 13,312 deaths and 25,718 injuries. 3,201 of those killed or injured were between 0 and 17 years old. Of the incidents reported and verified, 323 were defined by the GVA as mass shootings, they included four or more victims.

What is an active shooter?

US Homeland Security has defined an active shooter as an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

Active Shooter Insurance

Active Shooter Insurance

Active shooter insurance policies cover

Active shooter policies cover Physical damage coverage, coverage for physical loss or damage to insured property caused by an active shooter / workplace violence incident. This could include expenses incurred during structural security upgrades along with building closure, relocation etc.

Active Shooter Insurance Legal liability / litigation

Business owners have a legal obligation to pay for certain damages and claim expenses that arise from active shooter / workplace violence incidents. Organizations are being held to a higher standard of accountability than in the past when it comes the “duty of care” they have towards customers and employees and the public safety measures. Those who fall short of this “duty of care” are being sued.

Active Shooter Insurance Crisis management

Active Shooter Insurance will help the insured for specialist crisis response and consultant fees resulting solely and directly from an active shooter or threat event. This could include helping with public relations, families and employees and public relations.

Active Shooter Insurance Business interruption coverage

Active Shooter Insurance Insureds can get indemnity for physical loss, damage or destruction of an insured property, or denials of access to an insured location resulting in business income losses as a result of an Active Shooter incident.

Active Shooter Insurance helps with Medical expenses, funeral expenses, and death benefit.

Active Shooter Insurance Policies enable insureds to help the victims of an active assailant / active shooter event by providing a supportive response to the trauma. This might also include psychiatric counseling for the victim traumatized by the event.

Active Shooter Insurance Loss of attraction

An active shooter event can stigmatize a neighborhood, business district or a brand. Active shooter insurance can help with brand rehabilitation and can fill in revenue gaps, even if the incident didn’t happen at the insured’s business.

Common exclusions in active shooter policies

  • Terrorism exclusions
  • Casualties threshold limit
  • Employee exclusions
  • Vehicle exclusion

Mental anguish exclusion

Why buy an active shooter insurance policy on top of a commercial general liability insurance policy

Many ‘standard’ insurance policies have ‘gray’ areas when it comes to active shooter or workplace violence-related incidents, when it comes to compensating victims.  The ‘duty to defend’ clause in commercial general liability policy means victims have to sue an organization and win a lawsuit, even if the organization has good intentions and wants victims to be taken care of.

Who should buy active shooter insurance coverage?

Random acts of violence are not limited to one state, one industry sector or one cause. Fatalities occur across various industries and geographies with a variety of weapons.

Active shooter insurance is becoming a necessity every business.Education and healthcare, churches especially, every industry will benefit form having coverage including fast food restaurants, night clubs, small eateries and restaurant chains.

Active Shooter Insurance

Active Shooter Insurance

Active Shooter Threats Statistics

Between 2000 and 2008, there were about seven active shooter events per year, while from 2009 to 2016 there were 153 such events, or about 19 per year, according to data from the FBI and the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University. In 220 incidents that occurred from 2000 to 2016, 107 took place in an education, retail, or government/military setting. And an incident can occur quickly — often in less than 15 minutes — during which time an assailant can cause significant harm.

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