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Classic Collector Antique Specialty Car Insurance

Classic Collector Antique & Specialty Car Insurance

Seaman’s Insurance Group is proud to insure a wide variety of Classic Collector Antique & Specialty Car Insurance, from original antiques to brand new exotic sports cars, as long as the vehicle is a true collectible. If you drive your vehicle primarily for hobby-participation such as to car shows, club events and occasional leisure rides, we have access to the most competitive rates in St Augustine!

We strive to provide the best protection for what is important to you.  This is why we cater to car enthusiasts like YOU!

Classic & Collector

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles that are at least 15 to 20 years old. Including completely original vehicles as well as vehicles that owners may have modified or improved. We have policies designed specifically for the unique needs of classic / collector cars owners.

Classic Car Insurance St Augustine red antique car with man in Hawaiian shirt and shorts leaning against the front of the car

Classic Car Insurance St Augustine


Your vehicle will fall into the antique category if it is completely original and at least 25 years old. We have access to policies for you antique vehicle for many different types of antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles so we’ll be able to help you buy the perfect policy for your antique vehicle.


Coverage for a wide range of vehicles from brand new exotics to modified street rods and muscle cars. We also offer policies for more unique specialty vehicles such as vintage fire trucks, tractors, and military vehicles.

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