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Coin Laundry Insurance & Laundromat Insurance

Coin Laundry Insurance Laundromat Insurance


Seaman’s Insurance Group is Florida’s Premier Boutique Independent Insurance Agency.  We specialize in providing Laundromat Insurance and Coin Laundry Insurance as well as Dry Cleaner Insurance.  We re proudly headquartered in St Augustine, Florida

General Liability For Laundromats Coin Laundry General Liability Insurance


General Liability for a Laundry operation protects both the business owner and customers. Laundromat General Liability will cover medical bills that are incurred as a result of a customer getting hurt when using your laundromat or coin laundry.


Commercial Auto Coverage For Laundromats And Coin Laundry Operations


If you have any company vehicles for your laundromat or coin laundry, you should make sure each one is covered by Florida Commercial Auto Insurance. Personal car insurance will not cover your company cars, and neither will your employees’ personal car insurance.


Workers Comp Insurance For Laundromats


This important part of Florida laundromat insurance covers medical bills of Florida Florida Laundromat employees who are injured on the job. This Laundromat Workers Compensation insurance pays for any lost wages and rehabilitation that may be necessary after the injury. Since most states require businesses to have workers comp if they have more than five employees, it just makes sense to obtain this coverage as part of your laundromat insurance policy.


Coin Laundry Excess Liability / Laundromat Excess Liability


Excess liability is also known as an umbrella policy. The main point of adding this to your Florida laundromat insurance is in case you are facing a lawsuit that would deplete your liability limits. Without excess liability, you would have to pay for the remainder of the claim, which could cause you to lose your business unless you are financially prepared to pay out of pocket. That’s why it’s wise to take advantage of the minimal investment that excess liability is, since it only costs a little extra to increase your coverage by $1 million or more.

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