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Gun Insurance Florida

Gun Insurance Florida

Serious gun collectors, as well as other hobbyists, should consider a comprehensive range of collectibles insurance coverage that will protect your treasured items with a complete “arsenal of protection” with Seaman’s Insurance Group’s Gun Insurance Florida policy.  Seaman’s Insurance Group is St Augustine’s Premier Boutique Insurance Agency, proudly serving the First Coast, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, St Augustine, Palm Coast & Beyond!


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Firearms made by such iconic manufacturers as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Garand and Luger can attain a very high value over time. Collectors should consider these potential calamities that could befall these items:

· Burglary/Theft

· Fire

· Natural disaster

· Accidental breakage

· Loss in the mail or shipping

We make the process easy

Seaman’s Insurance Group offers gun insurance that protects gun collections, knife and edged weapon collections, along with ammo, accessories and gun safes. This coverage includes protection for any location in the United States, including scheduled exhibitions, storage facilities and in transit.

No firearm serial numbers are required in order to write the coverage and optional insurance for guns can be obtained to account for new acquisitions and appreciation in value.

When you consider the time, energy, training, research, and financial investment made in your collection, this gun insurance makes even more sense, given the range of incidents that can happen, and the considerable financial loss at stake.

Our gun insurance companies have been protecting weaponry of all shape, size, and power since 1966. With $0 deductibles and market value replacement costs, purchasing insurance for your gun collection is truly a no-brainer.

No matter what you call it, whether you want to be packing gun insurance, arsenal insurance, gun collection insurance, handgun insurance, boom stick coverage, burner policy, pistol policy, strap insurance, heat coverage, gat insurance, AR-15 insurance, rifle coverage, or a blaster policy, you will want to protect your “personal protection” collection with this policy.

Don’t just rely on your homeowners insurance

While your traditional homeowners insurance policy does typically offer coverage for guns, in many cases this coverage is hamstrung by policy restrictions, coverage exclusions, and conditions you must adhere to if you want your guns to be covered.   You should consider a true Gun Insurance Policy. The way it typically works is, most homeowners policies have a certain limit for guns, say for example, $2500 total, and that limit is only payable if the guns are stolen.

That is an example of the conditions I just spoke about — guns only being covered if they’re stolen.

What’s more, homeowners insurance comes in many different shapes and sizes, with some carriers offering more robust gun rider packages, while others offer very lean coverages in certain areas. This means that if you don’t know any better, you might have very minimal coverage, if any, for guns on your homeowners policy.

Benefits of having a separate gun policy include sparing your homeowner’s policy a potential claim filing, in addition to the savings you will see over placing these pieces on a policy that was built to protect your home, not you weapons. You wouldn’t trust just anybody to handle your guns. Why would you trust a home insurance specialist when you need a weapons expert that understands your specific needs?

Seaman’s Insurance Group has access to those experts to ensure you have the policy that you need.

Gun Dealer Insurance Also Available

Seaman’s Insurance Group also offers gun dealer insurance. If you want to protect your dealer inventory or your clients’ collection while it is in your care, custody and control, reach out to us today!

Contact Matt with Seaman’s Insurance for a quote to get the ball rolling on securing your firearm insurance.

You can create peace of mind that your prized possessions will have comprehensive coverage, separate and distinct from your traditional homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Gun Insurance Collection


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