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Long Haul Trucking With Pets

Long Haul Trucking with Pets

When long haul trucking with pets, there is no better agency than Seaman’s Insurance Group.  For long haul truckers, loneliness is a hazard. Being on the road for days, and regularly encountering stressful situations. Truck drivers work under circumstances that contributes to loneliness, depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and emotional problems. Many truckers are looking to work for trucking companies that allow pets. Having man’s best friend on the road, offers companionship and fun.

We here at Seaman’s Insurance Group understand the importance of having man’s best friend with us as much as possible.  As the owner of the agency Matt Seaman, sits here and develops this web page, his 60+ pound best friend is Dog asleep on man's lap while he is working on computer man and dog smiling in car while holding up a brochure

doing his best impression of a lap dog.  As a matter of fact, he broke our 1st office lease several weeks after he opened this agency when the owner of the building insisted dogs were not allowed in the building.  This is after it was confirmed with the property manager that we would be able to bring our 4 footed family member into the office with us every day before signing the lease.

Trucking companies, truckers, and health professionals are always working to find ways to help with loneliness and stress. Having a companion can help combat isolation, but it’s difficult to find a passenger with the time and willingness to join truckers for road trips. Bringing your pet makes perfect sense to help you navigate your way.

A groundbreaking legal decision from not very long ago set a precedent for the use of support animals on the job. A trucking company was found in violation of the law by disallowing a trucking applicant to continue through the hiring process because the applicant used a service animal.

Long Hull Trucking with dogs. Long Hull Trucking with pets dog sitting one ear up one ear down

Long Haul Trucking with dogs. Long Haul Trucking with pets

For trucking companies considering allowing pets, or those that are working with applicants using service animals, liability can be a concern. Insurance is already vital in the trucking industry, protecting against liability and damage. Allowing pets adds one more potential risk.

Insuring Trucking Companies That Allow Pets

Insuring Trucking companies that allow pets is not that easy to find.  Some insurance companies avoid allowing dogs deemed dangerous or aggressive, such as Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. Seaman’s Insurance Group has carrier partners that will provide coverage for trucking companies that allow pets and include these breeds.

Benefits for Trucking Companies That Allow Pets

Benefits for Trucking Companies That Allow Pets include being able to attract more drivers.  The trucking industry faces a shortage of drivers. To continue to operate, truck companies need to find ways to bring in new employees who are willing to do the hard work of trucking. We are here to help with long haul trucking with dogs and other pets.

Long Haul Trucking

Coverage for both for long haul trucking with dogs or other kind of pet – hire and not for hire trucking.  Including trucks and truck- tractor trailers

 We have access to a number of trucking specialty long haul trucking carriers.  We can place coverage for both for-hire and not-for-hire trucking operations. Vehicle types for this coverage include trucks and truck/tractor trailer combinations. If you are involved in long haul trucking with dogs or other kind of pet, contact us today!

The long haul trucking space primarily focuses on interstate business exceeding a radius of 300 miles on a regular basis. We can also help with your intrastate needs with a smaller radius.

What is Local and Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

You may be asking, what is local and long haul trucking insurance?  Trucking insurance is similar to commercial automobile insurance.  If you drive a tractor trailer or other large truck, the law requires you to carry trucking insurance.


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