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Marine Contractors Insurance

Marine Contractors Insurance

Marine Contractors Insurance is meant to help marine contractors and artisan marine contractors with many potential exposures that exist for marine contractors when engaging in commercial and residential construction activities on and around the waterfront.  Major weather events and fire are just two of the major and common perils that can cause your business to come to a standstill and cause profits to sink faster than an anchor thrown overboard. Almost half of all marine business owners fail after experiencing a disaster, it’s important to protect your business.  Seaman’s Insurance Group is Florida’s premier boutique independent insurance agency, we are here to help you with your Marine Contractors Insurance needs.

Seaman’s Insurance Group, proudly headquartered in St Augustine, FL understands the marine construction business. We have access to the most competitive carriers and will be responsive to your Marine Contractor insurance needs. We have the ability to provide tailored protection for your marine and non-marine exposures.


Marine Contractors’ Coverage

Seaman’s Insurance Group offers a broad package of coverages designed to protect marine contractors.

Marine General Liability

Marine General Liability includes coverage for products and completed operations liability for work performed from watercraft.

Marine contractors’ liability

Marine Contractors liability provides coverage for property damage to marine structures.

Commercial hull and protection and indemnity

Commercial hull and protection and indemnity coverages protect vessel owners against physical damage to the ship and legal liability.

Bumbershoot (marine umbrella)

Bumbershoot coverage also known as marine umbrella provides excess liability protection over marine and non-marine coverages.  This can include auto liability, general liability, and employers’ liability.

Contractor’s equipment with waterborne coverage

Contractors equipment with waterborne coverage are property and casualty coverages, that can include property, auto, and business interruption.

Marine Contractors Workers Compensation USL&H

Marine Contractors Wokers Compensation USL&H is  the coverage developed to fulfill the requirements of maritime employees.  The United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (USL&H) is an important term to know in the marine contractor industry. USL&H is a federal workers compensation law that applies to maritime employees who work on or over navigable waters in or adjacent to the United States.

Seaman’s Insurance Group, Florida’s Premier Boutique Independent Insurance agency understands and is happy to help you with this coverage whether you are just now needing to get the coverage into place or are shopping we are here to help.

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